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Here are the results of the Lab Talk with the Lead of Development for iOS in Enterprise:

  1. Enterprise iCloud usage
    Currently not – but planned for a newer version. Currently Apple supports “BYOD” – bring your own device – which means the user needs to have an own Apple Account. Told him that Enterprises wants more control about devices and we would need the other way round as well.
  2. Updates
    Currently not mandatory – will be in future – but iOS Updates are coming through wifi.
  3. Security
    Same as 4.3 – normally the passcode is enough as it results in a disc encryption. Even Jailbreak won’t give you the encrypted files if we are creating File with Attributes (Data Attributes accessible when unlocked). All Data is encrypted using AES 256 which should be enough for everyone. For panic mode we would need to encrypt our stuff by ourself but as we are not having any kind of bank data I won’t suggest that.
  4. App Management
    In iOS 5 there will be the new AppManagement as an additional Tool to the iPCU which allows to stuff up to 30 iPad with one Computer at a time. iPads can be completely customized – deletion of apps disabled, existing Apps hided, Apps can be installed using Push (User still needs to click “yes”) and it is even possible to roll out AppStore Apps. For this an Apple Account / iTunes Account is still needed and the AppManagement will send Redemption Codes so the user just needs to click “yes” to have even a paid AppStore app being installed.
  5. Background Image
    can be stuffed “HURAY!”
  6. MDM
    Also new in iOS 5: MDM Callback parmeter that the device informs the MDM by its own when the MDM is not able to make an Inventory Update “HURAY!”


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