iPad in Enterprise

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Here are the results of the Lab Talk with the Lead of Development for iOS in Enterprise: Enterprise iCloud usage Currently not – but planned for a newer version. Currently Apple supports “BYOD” – bring your own device – which means the user needs to have an own Apple Account. Told him that Enterprises wants […]

XCode Templates

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Asked the questions around our Xcode 4 templates – found two interesting ones for just files – but for project template migration there is no way to do that automatically and even the documentation is still missing; Apple nows about that. So we need to have a look at the existing Templates and try to […]

Ruby, Hashrockets and UTF-8

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Image is property of PeepCode. The years with the hashrocket syntax (=>) are over, Ruby has switched to the defacto standard which is used by JavaScript, Groovy and other script languages. In Ruby 1.8 you needed to define a map like this: my_map = {:ilike => ‘apples’, :and => ‘pears’} which you can write in […]